To come along side returning or transitioning veterans, to provide them with meaningful employment in the security industry, while providing a premium service to our clients.


Our vision is to create a medium size private security company that can supply high end security to our clients while keeping our prices at the low end of the market. We have found a niche in the Cannabis Industry, a good match between our Veteran guards and the Community, but we are open to expansion into other industries as well.


Cory Morlan

When 9/11 happened, Corey knew he wanted to join the Marine Corps and go fight. Two years later he graduated high school and joined the Corps. Cory’s primary MOS was combat engineer. He thought this was a ton of fun. During his first tour in Iraq, an army infantry unit needed an engineer to go on
missions with them to mine sweep and dispose of IED’s where possible. Due to that experience, the second tour he was appointed as the lead .50 cal machine gunner for a convoy security team that escorted EOD around the country. He got to pick and train my own team of marines to be machine gunners as well. Cory spent his second tour in Iraq responding to 9 lines and providing security for convoys every other day. He ended up not being able to re-enlist and got out after 4 years. Then he spent 4 years as the Chief of Staff for a new security company, ended up leaving towards the end of 2016 because the dream and vision was not being pursued and followed any longer. Therefore, the VP and Cory both left that company and started ArmorFi together. The goal is to hire returning home Veterans and give them meaningful employment and a livable wage. Treat them like family and give them a great quality of life by filling the void they have from being out of the military. To replace that brotherhood. Armofi has the most qualified and trained guys in the industry. That’s fact, not propaganda.


  • Fire & Hazardous Material Prevention/Protection Techniques
  • Urban Mobility Breachers Course
  • Risk Management
  • CPR Certification
  • Safety and Occupational Health Programs
  • Blueprints/ Technical Diagrams
  • Firearm and Explosives Handling
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Industrial Equipment Operation
  • Multiple Black Belts and over 15 year of training different disciplines
  • Skilled in deployment of multiple weapons systems, instructor on those as well


  • Sergeant – United States Marine Corps, MWSS 272 (New River, NC)
  • Related Military Appointments:
  • Infantry Squad Leader (February 2007 to June 2008)
  • Managed (12) Marines: (3) Non-Commissioned Officer Team Leaders & (9) subordinates
  • Completed two (2) successful tours of duty in Iraq, serving as a Turret Gunner for the lead scout element of a Convoy Security Team
  • Developed guidelines for crisis management, contingency planning & emergency reaction
  • Assisted with the development of tactical proposals, strategic planning & training procedures
  • Issued performance evaluations, wrote directives & made promotion recommendations
  • Provided compliance, grievance resolution, mentoring & counseling services
  • Combat Engineer Team Leader (August 2005 to February 2007)
  • Reported directly to the Squad Leader & Platoon Sergeant on day-to-day operations
  • Developed training opportunities & prepared class schedules for subordinates
  • Authored team directives, policies, procedures & lesson plans
  • Conducted team inspections & issued performance reviews
  • Combat Engineer (June 2004 to August 2005)
  • Took an active role in managing team, squad, platoon & company-level operations
  • Performed duties diligently to insure successful squad performance
  • Achieved 1st Class placement in the area of Physical Fitness

Van Fredrickson

Van is a recently retired Police Officer with 22 years of service. He has been blessed in that time to have a wide range of training and experience. He worked as a SWAT operator, sniper, sniper team leader, School Resource Officer, defensive tactics trainer, academy trainer, field trainer for new hires, trainer of trainers at the National Law Enforcement Training Center, Narcotics Detective, undercover narcotics agent and instructor of undercover techniques and survival nationally. He has two awards for valor, as well as numerous other citations.

If there is an overriding theme to Van’s career it has been training. Each new challenge came with training for that position, then later as he got better at the job he became the trainer of others. Van brings that passion for training with him to ArmorFi. The people hired by ArmorFi have already been trained to the highest levels by the US Military, but Van is able to train them further to Law Enforcements’ standards. He enjoys the challenge of training them to use their pistol as their primary
weapon (something not normally done in the military), as well as training in control tactics that are the least likely to injure the suspect and the officer. Between the Law Enforcement training and the pre- existing Military training, Van believes that the personnel at ArmorFi represent the best of both worlds. And he truly enjoys the challenge of bringing the best out of them.


  • Advanced Instructor Trainer for the National Law Enforcement Training Center, capable of certifying instructors in;
  • Law Enforcement Control and Defensive Tactics
  • Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint
  • Handgun/Long gun retention and disarming
  • Power Handcuffing
  • Knife Defense
  • Ground Fighting
  • Ground Fighting with gun retention and disarming
  • Use of Force Legal Implications
  • Pepper Spray
  • Arm Control Escort System (Aces)
  • Grasp and Clamp systems
  • Also an instructor through Def-Tec and Monadnock in;
  • Side handle and strait expandable baton
  • Noise Flash Diversionary Device (flash bang)
  • Impact Munitions
  • Chemical Munitions
  • Ballistic Shield use
  • Simmunition Force on Force instructor
  • Physical Conflict Resolution instructor
  • Rape Aggression Defense instructor for women


  • Road Patrol Officer answering calls for service, with multiple citations for valor
  • Field training officer for new hires
  • Defensive Tactics instructor for the regional Police Academy
  • Lead instructor in Defensive Tactics for the Blue Springs PD
  • 12 years assigned to the SWAT team, hundreds of call outs
  • 6 years on the sniper team, hundreds of deployments
  • 3 of those years as sniper team leader, training the rest of the team
  • Basic and advanced sniper certifications with multiple top shot awards
  • 4 years reassigned to the Jackson County Drug Task Force as an undercover operator
  • Member and point position for the Tactical Narcotics Team at the Task Force
  • Instructor in undercover techniques and survival nationally for Charlie Fuller and Covert
  • Operations Program Specialists (COPS) for ten years
  • Assigned as a school resource officer for five school years at two different high schools in Blue Springs, responsible for the security of the facilities and students.
  • Public speaking, teaching and mentoring for the community outreach unit for three years.